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Irish wolfhound puppies born 14th May
puppyirish wolfhound puppies
puppies irish wolfhoundirish wolfhound puppies

new litter born in may, sons of multichampions ¡¡¡
the parents :

Dare Devil Fionnmae                      Arianrhod de Cabrasfigas

Irish wolfhound puppies born at 4. march
Puppy irish wolfhoundpuppies irish wolfhound
irish wolfhound litterpuppies

We will have a new litter in march ¡¡¡
The parents: :

dogsindex_image002_0000.jpg                      dogsindex_image014_0000.jpg
CH. Jack Daniels de Cabrasfigas                        Daphnee D`Harcourt

irish wolfhound puppies born at  14. december
irish wolfhound litterpuppies
irish wolfhound litterlitter


We will have a new litter in december!!


irish wolfhound puppies                      dogsindex_image014_0000.jpg
CH. Dare Devil Fionnmae                              CH. Morrigane de Cabrasfigas

From the last litter of this parents have 3 puppies the Junior Championship in Spain and Gibraltar!

Litter 2011. juli 12.

Parents:CH.Grumpy Doopey & Arian Rhod de Cabrasfigas

From this litter we chose Owyn to stay by us, the brothers and sisters found a new home.

owyn de cabrasfigas




Litter 2010. august 6.
Parents: CH. Dare Devil Fionnmae & CH. Morrigane de Cabrasfigas

From this fantastic litter we chose Maol-Mahuire, Mureann, Moir and Muada.

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