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 irsk ulvehund i lisbon - Cabrasfigas

Now when I'm closer to fifty than forty, I look back and among my earliest memories are those of a pair of Belgian Shepherds groendael that accompanied me until  my third year of live..
I have forgotten many things, but none of the dogs I had, and I hope that if I live long enough, memories of my dogs always accompany me.
 Then came a series of mongrels, small, a balance between my commitment to get good grades, and my parents fulfill their part of the deal.

Already in my adult life, I chose the rough collie, which had several generations and consider among the most intelligent breeds, and, like Queen Victoria, of unsurpassed elegance.

Later  I knew the Irish wolfhound ,and that  was love at first sight.  They say: "If there is not a Irish wolfhound, then is not a dog" ... no ... I do not try to convince anyone that "my" race is better than others, but this has many of the qualities I look for in a dog.

I like big dogs, intelligent and active. The hounds in general, but rather have a race and try to develop the best of it that three or four dogs, maybe not so good. And I think that  create a line is a job for lifelong, or perhaps several lives, as a familiar saga .I feel  great respect for those families of winemakers or wild cattle breeders where the knowledge  passes from one to another generation.

The Irish wolfhound is a dog that has an accurate knowledge of their size and strength, so do not abuse and it is not uncommon to make friends with smaller friends or even cats.  He is  balanced and  no one should  be afraid of attacks; a perfect baby sitter if there are children in the family. A gentleman who knows enough dignity to not to refuse to play  the clown . A  loyal giant that even being very sociable ,fair  that  he is, choose  a single master and this one is forever. Resistant to the pain and sensitive to words ...  can  you find ends best fit  in a living being?.


Take many pages to express how much excellent I see in the Irish wolfhounds, more than that are appropriate for this brief introduction , so i will highlight  only one quality: while dealing with people is difficult, looking  into the eyes of a iw aids his master  to carry out whatever good has inside


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