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History of the Irish Wolfhound

Since ancient times, Greek and Roman authors describe the Celtic dogs
as well suited for the chase and battle. In the second century B.C, the greek
Flavius ​​Arrianus  makes a detailed description of the celtic greyhound.

In 391 BC the consul Quintus Aurelius takes ,by first time, seven
Irish hounds, as a gift, to Rome. Were probably Irish wolfdogs

irish W. entre flores

During the tenth century A.D.. is described in a note sharing loot
result of a Viking raid "to Gustav Olaffson corresponds  a
big dog like a person. "

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So much for history, legend in Ireland, based on stories
vernacular myths, legends and sagas, attributed to the gods called
Fomors the introduction of these dogs.

And they are told many tales about Tuatha De Danann  (the tribe of the goddess Danu),
stories of a family of gods who lived with his great hounds, around the year 3200 BC.

Anyway, the story of the breeding of these dogs is documented from first
century A.D.. and is connected with the history of Culann hero and Cu-Culainn
In this way, mixing history and legend, through oral histories
or poems as the poet Oisin,s   who  appoints up to three hundred of these
dogs in many of his verses, describing the struggle between the hero Finn and
the Fenians, or geographic references such as Sliabh da Chon (mountain
of the two hounds in Fermanagh County) or stories that
Related  them  with St. Patrick, is how we get knowledge of the breeding
of the true Celtic dog.

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From the ninth century AD after the Danish people's contact with these
lands, impressed by the Irish dogs, they come to scandinavian folkore.
The early Irish Christian name they in the Book of Kells etc etc , and so on until more modern times in which royalty and nobility
sought his company, becoming a princely gift


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