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Where is the kennel?

In Lugo, northeastern Spain

Need plenty of exercise, the Irish wolfhounds ?

It is advisable not to force during the first six or seven months, but without reaching the extremes that mark some breeders who forbid even rise ladders.
The  puppy should make so much  exercise  as he wants, nor more and nor less,they are not china pots..After  the explosive phase of growth , they can increase exercise gradually.

Has the ability to guard?

It depends, if what you want is an aggressive dog, the answer is no, but given their impressive look, there is no doubt that anyone will think twice before trying to rob a house with one of them inside.

How long  do they live?

Not too much, the average is 9 years,but  some, not many, reach  11, but this  is rare

How is their temperament?

Depends on the breeder, but usually they are active, noble, very stable show balanced character. Of course ,every individual is different, but generally are social and need contact with people.

Do you  send puppies?

No, this isn,t  desirable because of  the welfare of the dog ., The new owner must visit us and pick up the puppy and aproach the visit to learn about it. We will  try to help you.

How tall are your dogs?

If I answer 120 cms, will you believe it?. Of course size matters but it is not the only important, its no worth to acquire a dog large like a horse if it has misplaced teeth, is cryptorchid or bad aplomb. I read that some breeders write that their puppies are 80 cm at 4 months, weight 80 kilos  ... Interesting, because  growth charts, developed after careful statistics from dozens of dog breeders, explaining that such weights and sizes belong to  dogs 10 months or even adults. Every fisherman is exaggerated and the master's eye fattens the pig, but lying so clearly not lead to anything.

Do you have  a white puppy? Do you have a black one?  Do you have a half white, half black?

You are not buying a color but acquiring a dog, do not become obsessed with the color for the same reasons explained above, choose a good dog and if it good and shows your  favorite color, then, congratulations


You have to ask:

- Are you ready for the responsibility? You will be responsible for any damage caused

-Do you have enough space? At home, in your garden, in your car and your life?

-Did you think about the money you,ll need to provide quality food, veterinary expenses, contingencies several?

-Do you  like walking in winter? The dog needs walks throughout the year

-Sure you'll have time for everything?

-Are  you able to provide both the love and the discipline it need?

A dog is not a toy, do not buy on a whim, take your time, a dog is not happy moving home if you get tired of it.If you do not know the breed, learn, visit kennels or go to beauty shows, contact Irish wolfhounds owners

     - If you doubt between a Irish wolfhound puppy and another race, buy the other

     -If there is no unanimity among the members of the family, then, do not buy
-If you're sure you'll be a good owner, go ahead, choose a good breeder

But first, read this:

The DOG FARMS are a sad reality. Its sole purpose is to make money at any cost, Adult dogs are reproduction machines  and the puppies just merchandise.
Bitches stay pregnant each heat, and when they get sick or too old, are removed or disposed of without worrying about them.
Both pups and adults living  crowded  in poor conditions, and never know the quality food or affection. Therefore likely develop multiple diseases, or grow less than normal, or show behavioral disorders.
It is true that are cheaper, but a sick puppy, poorly socialized and with a bad genetic is a  time- bomb. There are no bargains and sometimes these are very expensive dogs, caring for a sick pet is always an additional expense to be added to the initial cost, not to mention the suffering of the whole family. You may think you can do a favor  giving a pet a good home , but acquiring , these dogs you help the farmer to prosper and continue their infamous business.

                             HOW TO CHOOSE A GOOD BREEDER

Do not trust on good words: calling a puppy "cariñin", "thingy" or "beautiful" does not prove that that person really loves it,  the role of a good salesperson is to convince the client, you
 Responsible breeding is expensive. Is logical that good breeders try to offset the costs by selling their puppies. But their mission is not to provide a puppy to anyone who comes forward with enoughmoney . Money disappears quickly, but the concern for a puppy that may have been sold to the wrong person last forever.
You must find out how is the breeder and how these dogs were bred. Do not buy by mail, online or otherwise that beyond the first contact ,make impossible to know who is going to procure a new member to your family.
The good breeder lives with his dogs, knows them  by the name, and they act with familiarity. Females are mothers never too early and never before the second or third year, producing no more than three offspring in a lifetime. The puppies are clean, healthy, well fed and the breeder knows all about them name. He can  explain the differences and personality of each puppy, of course, go beyond the color
In the kennel  live animals of all ages, does not remove old or unproductive.   
A dog that has served you faithfully earned the right to a good retirement.
The good breeder will introduce you  all the animals under his  care . There are no animals that do not meet conditions and must be kept hidden. He will give explanations about parents  and lines, and what are the reasons he chose those crossbreedings.

Breeding is not to put together a male and a female
Genetic study is needed to present in each animal, the possible defect and strengths, the degrees of consanguinity, the possible dangers. The goal is not to produce puppies but to produce healthy  puppies and if possible, better.
You can take the opportunity to increase your knowledge about race, possible illnesses and advice on how to avoid them, he is anxious to give you this information, after all ,may be you become an adoptive father of his  children. Food, worming, exercise, etc are some of the issues.
Maybe he will ask  you questions that seem personal or intrusive, or asks for details of your home or pics  of your previous dogs, is not curiosity, just try to find out if it's better for the puppy.
A good breeder will explain what is the liver shunt, dilated cardiomyopathy, bone cancer ... and explain what you can do. If at the end remember something, the written warranty against shunt, or certification of exempt parents come from cardiomyopathy are prerequisites in addition to the book of vaccines, registration agreement and the LOE and invoice
If a seller tells don,t tell you anything about heart problems, may be because he don’t knows anything about that. How can he guarantee  then that the puppy is free of such illness? And how can you buy a puppy that can die few months later?
A good breeder will provide support for life, and promise  to pick up the dog if you can not care for it any longer


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